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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is the most common word being heard these days irrespective of the fields. Sustainability can be referred in every aspect of life. Sustainability includes you, me, nature, jobs, money, countries, environment, everyone and everything. It can be explained as the ability to conserve, withheld or maintain or to sustain itself and last for a long time. With the world developing day to day, by depleting natural resources and disturbing harmony between ecosystems, it is high time that every person should take up the responsibility and use sustainability approach for each and everything he does in daily life.

In recent times the role of sustainability is increasing every day. The reason behind is to conserve the environment for future generations. Using sustainable approach, we can solve the problems caused while producing a product that produce no harm to the environment. Navayuga adapted the triple bottom line concept to achieve the sustainability.

Triple bottom line is a concept of sustainability to assess the sustainability attained by the organization or industry. The triple bottom line consists of three considerations, they are – environmental, social and economic considerations. John Elkington introduced the concept of triple bottom line in 1994. He stated that companies must have three separate bottom lines to estimate its performance in all the areas for a period of time.

The first of the three bottom lines is measure of corporate profit that is the bottom line for profit or loss of the company. The second one is the bottom line of a company’s people account. This bottom line measures the social responsibility of the company throughout its operations in some form. The third bottom line is the bottom line of the company’s planet account that measures the responsibility of the company towards the environment.

The social performance of a company is the hardest criterion to be measured. Triple bottom line organisations work with an objective to improve the environment and social culture or at least reducing the negative impact without affecting the business of the organization.

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Navayuga follows the beloved quotients in an attempt to achieve sustainability

Waste management produced during the process.

Reducing carbon emissions to as minimum as possible by altering the process and using latest technologies.

Usage of bio-diesel, fuel derived from animal and plant waste as it produces least harm to the environment.

Providing long lasting and durable output product as there would not be continuous requirement for the same place.